Party Planning with The Party Momster... Julie Lin



Julie Lin, the Party Momster

Lifestyle Expert, Julie Lin shows you how to create memorable and cost-saving theme parties in minutes....minus the work!  These parties are focused sometimes on the whole family, just the kids or just the MOMS maybe even just the dads!

Festive holidays... and many more reasons to celebrate!

Every day of the year is a reason to celebrate, just check the national Day Calendar!  Just about every month has a special occasion whether holidays, celebrations, sporting events....we can help you come up with a theme for any party.  Most of all....we create memorable fun parties without to much time and money.


Dream it...Live it!

If you can dream it....then let's make it happen whether in your backyard or the Hollywood Bowl!  Let's blow out candles and make those dreams reality!! Whether it be an adult birthday party or kids birthday party or just some party ideas you need to get your friends together, I can help.  I once was a stay home mom hosting lots of parties, then did what most would say is not possible...and became a morning news anchor, now I'm doing what I've always done and adding the talent I dreamed of....planning parties and sharing them on TV.