Meet Julie


Julie Lin loves to celebrate life's milestones with family and friends, but not the stress or mess.  To save her sanity (not to mention budget), this busy wife, mom and career gal devised her own party planning system which enables her to create incredible parties, effortlessly.  At one point she hosted four parties in one day!  Julie's friends started calling her "the Party Mom-ster" and enlisted her to plan their parties-over a hundred of them!

But one party in particular changed her life- Royally!  In 2011, Julie threw a wild "wedding Viewing Party" at her home to mark the marriage of Prince William and Kate.  Word got out and suddenly every TV news station in town was knocking at her door.  Could they cover her party?    On the big day, KTLA and KABCsent crews to Julie's home to do live hits throughout the night and into the next morning.  Julie was the perfect guest-energetically walking and talking the reporters through her party protocol.  

Fitting the theme and in true fairytale fashion, Julie's on-camera charisma caught the attention of a news veteran who encouraged her to pursue a career in broadcast journalism.

She did and within two years, julie was anchoring the morning news at a CBS affiliate in Oregon - commuting back and forth to Los Angeles on weekends.  While loving the job, Julie hated being away from her family - her three girls were starting to grow up and it killed her to miss a single moment.

Putting family first, Julie left the anchoring job in Oregon, moved back him and began freelance reporting in the LA area.  About the same time, Julie was inundated with requests for help with parties big and small.  Putting her USC Business degree to work, Julie quickly launched her own company, "Mom Likes to Party" which now produces parties of every stripe and type throughout Southern California.  She also created the popular "Mom Likes to Party" blog, offering innovative party planning tips and resources.

Today, Julie is grateful to be able to combine her TV talents with a passion for parties.

As a native Californian, Julie graduated from USC with a business degree.  Prior to becoming a full-time lifestyle expert and party planner, she worked for House Beautiful magazine, the USC Alumni Association and Stila Cosmetics.