Party Momsters MUST HAVES

Candy Jars


Glass candy Jars in all least five to make a good display! More if you want...lots of places sell them.  I like Michaels for a great selection.  Don't forget to bring coupons!

Drink Dispenser with nozzle


Drink Dispensers with nozzle are key for every party!  Everyone sets their drink down and forgets.  You will save alot of money filling these with water and your drink of choice...if you're serving juice for kids you may want to dillute with some soda water or just water, and this is a convenient way to do that!  I like Walmart's selection whether you want plastic or glass.  I like the 3 gallon option especially for water!

Soda Stream


Add fizz to any drink and its a bit more fancy!  The soda stream can make you bubbly water in just seconds.  Always great to have for parties.  I like Amazon where there are many options!  I chose the cheapest one and it works GREAT!  And when you need the CO2 refills...I like Bed Bath and Beyond, bring your 20% off coupon (you can use up to five) and bring your used CO2 containers for a rebate.

Chocolate Fountain


Kids and Adults love the chocolate fountain!  Its perfect for any occasion and just makes the party feel a little fancier!  Amazon has a great selection.  I have the Wilton brand with three tiers and it has worked for years and easy to clean.

Outdoor Lights


Always nice to have extra lighting but these strung lights are also festive and fun!  Brighten up any party for any occasion.  Some have different color options that can be changed with a turn of a dial. Amazon has great options.

Mosquito/ Insect Repellant


If you are hosting a party outdoors, your guests will greatly appreciate the repellent table.  Besides putting out the candles....having a table with a few repellent options is thoughtful. (This was a USC themed party)  The deet free bracelets work great.  Amazon has many good options, you can even color coordinate to your party theme.